Friday, May 2, 2014

Monthly Obsessions!

I have been a big slacker when it comes to writing new posts for this blog. Life as a teacher/ fiancé has been very crazy this past month. Nevertheless, I promised to do a monthly favorites and I will keep that promise!

Market Peach candle from Bath and Body Works:

My first favorite is a candle. It is the Market Peach candle from Bath and Body Works. Anyone who knows me well knows about my obsession with B&BW. I am especially obsessed with their candles. The spring and summer scent are my favorite, so when the fresh picked line returned I was ecstatic! This candle smells exactly like a fresh ripe peach. It is sweet and fragrant and wonderful. I love strong candles, and this does its job. One candle will fill my entire apartment with delicious peachy goodness.

Royal Pains:

My Netflix favorite for this month is the television series Royal Pains. This is a USA Network series and I am in love with it. I have decided that I really enjoy most things that the USA Network puts out. This is a funny show about a doctor who moves to the Hamptons after some life changing events occur. I don’t want to go into it too much, but I highly recommend watching it if you have some free time and a Netflix account.
Royal Pains

Benefit’s Lollitint:

I received a sample size of Benefit’s Lollitint in my April Ipsy bag. This sample quickly became one of the most used make up items I own. It is a lip/cheek product and it is in a beautiful candy orchid shade. Orchid was announced to be the color of the year, so this make up product is right on trend. Lollitint is basically a stain that can be used on either your lips or cheeks. I have worn it both ways and I love it a little more on my lips. The color is beautiful on your cheeks, but I feel like I can’t blend it out fast enough before the staining power kicks in. However, on my lips this is wonderful and the staying power is awesome! I will definitely be looking into purchasing the full size product. You can purchase the full size product from Ulta!

Simple Skincare Facial Cleansing Wipes:

These were an impulse buy. I watch a lot of beauty channels on YouTube and over and over again I hear them mention this brand. I have recently been really into buying facial wipes because I really enjoy being able to just clean up my face in an easy way. However, I have not had much luck because every single wipe I have used burns either my skin or my eyes. I wanted a wipe that I could wipe across my eyes as well just in case I was feeling extra lazy that day. Well, these babies are my answer! They are for sensitive skin and they do not burn my eyes at all! They are just a tiny bit pricey, but to me, they are worth every penny! I bought mine at Wal Mart!


The Ruffled Cup:

This past month I was in Amarillo quite a bit. I had been to The Ruffled Cup one time before, but I am pretty sure my fiancé and I went every time we were in Amarillo this past month. The Ruffled Cup is a bakery that specializes in cupcakes. We love them so much that we decided to get our wedding cupcakes from them! My favorite flavors include: The Classic- which is their take on a Hostess cupcake and The Marilyn- which is almond cake with raspberry filling! If you are in the Amarillo area you should definitely go in and use up your calories on a delicious cupcake. I assure you it will be worth every extra sit up!
The Ruffled Cup
April was fantastic, but I am even more excited for May! Can't wait to try new things to talk about, and school end on May 30th! Hurray!
Have a great day, my friends!





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