Thursday, April 3, 2014

Monthly Obsessions!

Welcome to my first blog on Shyla’s Shouts! Since April just started I want to begin my blog with a hopefully recurring segment called Monthly Obsessions. At the beginning of each month I will write about what I was obsessed with for the past month and why. The items will be from various sections of my life including: music, movies, TV, fashion, make up, beauty, etc.

Let me know if you enjoy this type of blog!


1.       YouTube


So, this has been an obsession for a while now. I am obsessed with watching different channels. My favorite channels to watch do include a lot of beauty channels, but I do have some other non-beauty channels. My current favorite channels are:
Check 'em out!


2.       Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

miracle complexion sponge

This has been LIFE CHANGING to my foundation routine. It’s a 3-in-1 make up sponge that has a flat side, round side, and a point. You dampen the sponge and then apply your liquid foundation and then just blend in like normally. Something about this sponge makes the application process so easy and my foundation has never looked more blended and natural. You can also blend your concealer and even apply powder with this sponge! You can buy them at Ulta and they are only about $6.



3.       Drop Dead Diva


Drop Dead Diva season 5 was recently added to Netflix. I marathoned the entire season last weekend. If you have never watched the show I will quickly fill you in on the subject! It’s a show about a model that dies and goes to heaven but pushes the return button and then ends up in another person’s body. This person happens to be Jane who is a big time lawyer. The show is all about the model learning to live her life as Jane. I know that may sound really stupid, but it really is so good. If you want a feel good show that never has too much drama, but is still entertaining I recommend this one. Season 5 was pretty good in my opinion and I am looking forward to season 6. All 5 seasons are on Netflix! I do, however, think this is a show more for the ladies. :)


4.       The Body Shop Ionic Clay Mask


This is a mask that is made for oily/combination skin and it is used to detoxify and deep clean your face. I bought several of the trial size samples from Ulta and I fell in love with this mask. My face always feels so clean and refreshed after using it. I recommend using it after a day of heavy make-up or if your face is looking a little dull. You will look like you are molding though because this your traditional green mask, haha!  I am planning on eventually purchasing the full size product. As mentioned, this too can be bought at Ulta.


Okay, there you have it! These items are the first of my Monthly Obsessions! I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe you learned about a product you haven’t heard of before. I am going to try to keep a limit of 4-5 items per month because I don’t want to overload you guys! Leave me some comments below telling me what you thought about the blog and anything you would like me to write about, or try out for reviews! Thanks for reading!!



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